Happy Hours


I’m pleased to announce… I have scheduled two book-signings for the month of September. Check them out by clicking here. Cheers, John 🍺

HopSlam Hunter

Every year in late January to early February I go hunting. I don’t use a gun or a bow and no animals are harmed. That doesn’t diminish the intensity of… Read More


The Latest Comments

  • johnlemmon: I do not have anything like that. Yet. Cheers, John
  • Kerry MacGregor Lemmon: Do you have any hats that simply say ‘grandpa grimm’s” beer? That would be...
  • That Happy Hour Guy: Thanks Traci! Glad I could help with the avocado slicing.
  • Traci Westling: Congrats on book deal… As a fan of your wife’s books I’ll be cheering you on.. You...