Yup. You can buy the hat.

You can finally buy a custom BEER MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER HAT! Perfect for any beer lover in your life. Especially if it’s you. Order here: HAT + SIGNED BOOK HAT… Read More

::VIDEO:: Brewout at Star City Brewery

Check out this quick, fun video of my experience brewing beer outside at Star City Brewery. We brewed two of the three beers they’re going to have on tap for… Read More


I’m pleased to announce… I have scheduled two book-signings for the month of September. Check them out by clicking here. Cheers, John 🍺

Meet The Captain!

Milwaukee is the town that beer built. So while my wife was busy being a famous author at her book signing/reader event I decided to get a feel for the… Read More

HopSlam Hunter

Every year in late January to early February I go hunting. I don’t use a gun or a bow and no animals are harmed. That doesn’t diminish the intensity of… Read More

Behind the Scenes: My First Video

Here are some behind the scenes peeks at how my brother-in-law and I shot the How Beer is Made video. If you missed it, click here! Set up is important…  … Read More

Breakfast of Champions!

Here I am making one of my favorite breakfast meals: Eggs Spinidict. It is filling and packed with good nutrition. Perfect for the morning after a long night on the… Read More

How Do You Like Your Hops?

How would you like your hops? Would you like them in a box? Would you like them with a fox? Would you like them in a house? Would you like… Read More


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  • johnlemmon: I do not have anything like that. Yet. Cheers, John
  • Kerry MacGregor Lemmon: Do you have any hats that simply say ‘grandpa grimm’s” beer? That would be...
  • That Happy Hour Guy: Thanks Traci! Glad I could help with the avocado slicing.
  • Traci Westling: Congrats on book deal… As a fan of your wife’s books I’ll be cheering you on.. You...