Beer Makes Everything Better

101 Recipes for Using Beer to Make Your Favorite Happy Hour Grub

Everyone loves happy hour, especially after a long week at the office. If you could get happy hour food and drink specials at home, without the noise pollution and crowds of your local bar, wouldn’t that be great? Well, nothing’s stopping you. With Happy Hour at Home, you’ll learn how to transport, re-create, and improve upon the happy hour experience from the comfort of your own home.

In this book, brewer and hop grower John Lemmon provides recipes and instructions for:

  • your favorite bar grub
  • mind-blowing beer cocktails
  • challenging beer layering
  • delicious beer shots
  • and more!

In addition to discovering what you can do with beer (other than drinking it, of course), you will learn the history of beer, how each ingredient affects the flavors of beer, surprising health benefits of beer, ten simple ways to start brewing your own beer, and even how to create the perfect happy hour setting in your home. You’ll also receive tips on how to pair beer with your most beloved non-brew foods.

This book creates a bridge between the two things you love to do: eat and drink. Happy hour has never been so much fun!

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